How the Growth Mindset Works in Marriage - Connect2

Episode 8

How the Growth Mindset Works in Marriage

Published on: 20th October, 2022

How do we handle weaknesses in our lives and in our marriage? And is it possible to convert these weaknesses to strengths instead?

Frankie and Tina, parents to 3 boys and married for over 20 years, share with us their insights and tips on how it is possible to do so. Tune in to this podcast on How the Growth Mindset Works in Marriage through Communication and Conflict series.


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  • Understand what love, marriage and your vows symbolize
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  • Understand sexual intimacy, the importance of romance and family planning
  • Learn how to manage expectations from their spouse, children, in-laws while balancing work-life

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Welcome to the Connect2 marriage podcast by Focus on the Family Singapore!

Married life can be filled with twists and turns, especially with the day-to-day priorities, and stresses in life, including the times we run into conflict with our spouse.

No matter the state of your relationship today, we want to help your marriage thrive.

Join us as we figure out life and love together, and go deep into the conversations and questions (often unspoken) about the toughest topics on connection, intimacy and lifelong love.

While there are no perfect marriages, there is always room to grow to be the best spouse we can be. With practical tips, a whole lot of vulnerability and even a dose of humour, we hope that these episodes will provide hope and encouragement for your marriage.
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